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Entrepreneur | Computer Scientist | Roboticist


I am the CTO & Co-founder of Naska.AI (formerly Scaled Robotics). I'm interested in leveraging movement and interaction to solve complex real-world perception problems. For more than a decade, I worked on various problems in autonomy for ground, aerial, and humanoid robots. Now I have focused my attention on utilizing AI, ML & Robotics to optimize construction.
Prior to founding Naska.AI, I was lucky to spend more than a decade working as a robotics researcher at some of the world's leading robotics labs. My alma mater includes the Computational Learning and Motor Control Laboratory (USC), the Max Planck Institute's Autonomous Motion Department, the GRASP Laboratory (UPenn), and the Robotics Institute (CMU) just to name a few.



Motion & Perception

There's an interesting theory in neuroscience that claims movement is fundamentally tied to intelligence. This is also supported by evidence in the evolutionary biology from single-cell organisms. Building on these insights, I'm interested in endowing autonomous systems the ability to learn and reason about their environment through movement and interaction. This also requires them to build appropriate environmental representations that can facilitate these actions. These abilities can ultimately allow these autonomous systems to operate in complex human environments with minimal to no supervision. You can have a look at some of my current and past projects in these areas below.


If you are interested in collaborating on research projects or proposals shoot me an email to the address below. Internship and thesis students please check the available research projects.

Carrer de Pere IV 29, 1-2,
Barcelona, ES 08018


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